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Meztura webKeyer
Video overlay and graphics generating system based on web platforms
Meztura webKeyer is a software + hardware solution that makes it possible to overlay HTML5/Javascript, Flash and Silverlight content on top of High Definition or Standard Definition video signals.

In other words, the system is able to overlay on top of On-air video any Web page or Web application respecting the transparency values ​​(alpha channel) defined therein.

First Solution in the Market
This patent pending solution is unique in the world and allows television producers and broadcasters to easily create visual programs "widgets" to be used in their broadcasts: tapes loaded with the latest news in real time from RSS feeds, weather widgets, automatic generation of charts with real-time data coming from databases, markers for sporting events, clocks, insertion of messages with different effects and titles, integration with social networks as well as SMS-based interactive services, and generally anything that can be created with Web Standards, Flash or Silverlight.

Based on Standards
Many video overlaying and graphic generating solutions in the market are limited to the content editor bundled in by the manufacturer or variations of Flash. Meztura webKeyer widens the possibilities enabling the execution of HTML5/Javascript as well as Flash and Silverlight. You decide on which platform you want to develop your contents.

The advantage of working with web standards is that it simplifies and lowers the cost of developing this type of contents by allowing reuse of a wide range of widgets and open source web applications that are available on the Internet. Meztura webKeyer transforms a complex and very specific programming problem into a web development issue, one of the most active platforms at the moment and with the greatest future.

New Possibilities
The fact that the overlaid content is a web application loaded via the HTTP protocol opens a new range of possibilities non-existent before such as the ability to load real-time content generated by third parties and hosted on external servers, the easier integration and access to Web Services and external data, the use of many open source graphics libraries (Processing, Raphaël...), the ability to program and debug our content on any web browser on any computer without any special hardware, and so on. These are just some examples of the endless possibilities of Meztura webKeyer. Any application that works in a modern web browser, will work in Meztura webKeyer.

The rendering engine of the system, based on the WebKit project, ensures speed and compatibility with present and future standards (HTML5, Javascript, WebSockets, ...) as well as Flash and Silverlight.

Developer's API
WebKeyer includes an API to allow developers and thrid party software access WebKeyer functionality. The communication with WebKeyer API is based in the WebSockets protocol.

WebSocket is a web technology providing for bi-directional, full-duplex communications channels, over a single Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) socket. The WebSocket protocol has been standardized by the IETF as RFC 6455. Meztura WebKeyer incorporates an internal WebSockets server that listens to incoming connections and establishes a bi-directional communication with a client.

The nice thing of using WebSockets is that all modern web browsers has support for it so you can code your client-side/controling application in plain html5/javascript. Make sure you check our labs page for some working examples.

Professional Quality
The control software allows real-time preview of the overlaid content, plus the ability to interact with it through different interfaces (mouse, keyboard ...)

The hardware provides digital and analog inputs and outputs (SDI, HDMI, S-VHS, component video, composite video, etc..) And can operate in either high definition or standard definition. Whether you are a small producer or a countrywide broadcaster, you will find the type of connection you need.

Try it for Free!

Are you interested in our software? Do you want to try if it fits your needs before purchasing a licensed copy? Please, check the hardware requeriments and download Meztura webKeyer for free.

The trial version has all the features presented in the licenced version but its output is watermaked.

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Demos and samples

Sample Applications
Below are some ussage cases of the system:
Elements overlaying
Consumption of Web Services
Third Parties Content Loading