SMS Platform
Teletext solution for small and medium-sized TV stations
MezText is a software + hardware solution for small and medium-sized television stations that provides the neccessary infrastructure to add a secondary data channel based on teletext that can broadcast interactive content and services.

The system consists of a teletext inserter mounted on a computer and special software to process the content and services.

Do not interrupt the broadcast
This solution opens the possibility of broadcast content in parallel to the normal emission of the channel, 24 hours a day, without interrupting it at any time.

The system works like a standard teletext generator that television broadcasters can use to incorporate more than 800 pages of information with news, program schedules, third party advertising, and so on.

Interactive Services
MezText is ready to receive and process SMS based interactive services from an Internet SMS Gateway and broadcast them by teletext as a SMS chat. That opens a new revenue stream for broadcasters who also has the advantage of being able to operate continuously 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, the system is capable of carrying news from external RSS data sources and generate the teletext pages automatically.

Compatible with DTT
The compatibility of the system with a view to change to Digital Terrestrial Television and the resulting analog switch is guaranteed by the DVB-TXT standard that allows teletext transmission via digital terrestrial television thereby achieving a smooth transition without sacrifices from a technology to another.

In meztura have experience in the operation of such systems and we can even manage the configuration of DTT transmitters via the corresponding tranport operator.

The future of Teletext: MHP, HbbTV, ...
MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) and HbbTV are new standards for the transmission of interactive services via digital terrestrial television.

While MHP and HbbTV are presented as the natural replacement of teletext in the future, it will take many years to apply it universally. The vast majority of Freeview set-top boxes sold today are not compatible with thos technologies while they are with the traditional Teletext.

Offering MHP and HbbTV services today and discarding teletext would make it lose the vast majority of viewers in the absence thereof of the technology required for receibing it.

Meztura will offer services based on MHP and HbbTV in the medium term future, when the market is mature enough for it.