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Provide SMS-based interactive services to your audience
Media companies, especially audiovisual, online media and event organizers need an easy way to allow the participation of its audience.

Meztura has an advanced premium messaging platform that enables companies to develop global strategies for monetization through the mobile and Internet channels.

This service has a very specific significance in the the current market context as new technologies have high acceptance to a very important portion of the population.

Through our SMS Premium Gateway, both SMEs and large companies have a set of tools for the activation and management of multiple services, with a permanent team of support and added value features such as personalization of services, incident management, integration with customer's gateways and Web Services , and so on.
Below are some of the services available in the Meztura SMS Premium Gateway:

TV Chat

One of the main demands of consumers to technology is communication. Therefore chats are one of the most requested services both for spectators and audiovisual and event planning companies to take advantage of immediate bidirectionality that the mobile environment provides.

With this service, Meztura offers its customers customizable tools, easy to be integrated into their existing infrastructure and a control panel at their service to handle all the necessary settings.

The service has its own M2M (machine to machine) endpoint in case the client wants to manage the display of messages or it can be used some of the visualizers we have available for both Web and TV full screen or in overlay with alpha blending with our product Meztura webKeyer.

The platform provides with tools for monitoring and filtering of incoming messages customizable based on customer needs. From the automatic word filtering to the strictest manually managed by a human operator.

Practical uses of aSMS Visualizer are multiple. Not only to media companies but also to events or nightclubs with video projections.


Many viewers want to participate and support their favorites. That is the goal of this service that Meztura offers to its customers and is able to design, create and launch a voting service in few steps and in just in a few minutes.

The platform shows the results of audience participation in real-time, and can be integrated with graphical and numerical displays, billing tools, flows, costs, an so on, thanks to its M2M endpoint.

Meztura puts at customers's disposal services for the real-time generation of graphic displays of results for both Web and TV full screen or overlay with alpha blending with our product Meztura webKeyer.

You can deploy this product as an addon to your services offering and as an additional means of income. Audience participation is a positive factor to make it attentive to the results.


SMS micropayments are considered one of the simplest, universal and safest methods of payment, providing access to paid content and services on the Internet and other media without having to resort to mechanisms such as credit cards or having to enter any personal data.

The system helps to generate more revenue to online content providers (newspapers, magazines, blogs, thematic portals ...) and is seen by end users as simple and immediate. Futhermore this service has no cost to the content provider.


  • FREE for content provider: No setup or monthly fee.
  • Very high commissions generated from the first message
  • Very easy to implement in any web page.
  • Universal - 99% of internet users can use it now - they just need a mobile phone.
  • Instant: The entire payment process does not exceed 30 seconds, reducing the rejection of the billing.
  • The customer perceives the SMS as a very safe payment method.
  • Possibility check generated SMS volume statistics in real time through our web platform.

Sweepstakes and Contests

SMS Premium sweepstakes and contests allows any client to create a very attractive and highly profitable in terms of economic reversal, online event for your audience . Such services also record very high response rates and is one of the most effective ways to create interactivity between companies and their customers.

The configuration of multiple contests simultaneously through our platform is very simple, it is immediately activated, controls responses in real-time and thus improves the effectiveness of the action.


Real-time statistics

Our platform customers have access at all times and in real-time to statistics of the SMS services reception with detailed graphs and tables that can be processed based on different parameters: hours, days, months, ...